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D1 & D2 Parking Survey

As promised at last week's AGM here is the text of the email from TMBC regarding our parking scheme. The data is attached use the headings on the first image for explaining the subsequent panels. Dear Cllrs Hood and Clark Previously the then local Councillors for the Judd ward (Cllrs Bolt & Cure) asked that the Council carry out surveys of the parking occupancy in the Barden Road area, to see if the changes to business parking permit arrangements had achieved the desired effect. The problem related to business permit holders parking in the D2 area, clustering around the boundary with D1, creating significant parking pressure at that boundary area. To address this we changed the rules on how business parking permits worked, so that business permit holders for office developments would be eligible for parking permits in Barden Park Road only (which was significantly under-used). Our records show that the number of business parking permits for office developments has dropped significantly (this has been previously circulated through the year). We have now done a follow-up space survey which is detailed below. In essence the surveys show that there has been an increase (but within manageable limits) in parking in Barden Park Road and a decrease in parking in the roads in D2 near the D1 boundary. There has been a slight increase in Holford Street and Danvers Road which is probably a reflection of increased residential demand rather than any other factor, and parking in Avebury Avenue remains busy, but in general parking across the D1 & D2 areas seems to be more balanced than before with more opportunities for residents to park during the day. The problems of ultimate parking capacity overnight in the residential areas is something that is difficult to address as we cannot make additional spaces, or control the number of cars that residents own, but the parking pressures seem to have eased. With these points in mind, and the significant staff time involved in carrying out the surveys, we would not look to carry on with the monitoring unless there is a specific and significant change to the parking arrangements in the area, unless otherwise directed.

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