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Public Rights of Way - Barden Lake

The attached map shows the footpaths that are already on KCC’s ‘definitive map of public rights of way’ marked in yellow and blue. It is clear from the map that the footpath to Barden Lake from the carpark near Audley Rise is NOT on the definitive map. Neither is the footpath round the Barden Lake. I have marked these with a pink dotted line.
A path being on the definitive map will not necessarily prevent development, but it will make it more difficult for developers to get planning permission to build.  Barden Lake and Haysden Country Park are owned by TMBC. We are all aware that TMBC has been selling off its assets, and we want to do what we can to preserve our lovely parks and open spaces and public rights of way.

Please help us to protect these footpaths by getting them added to the KCC definitive map of public rights of way.  Please fill out the Initial User Evidence Questionnaire if you have been regularly using these paths for a several years (20 or so).  Then  return them in an envelope marked Fran Long to 7 Barden Park Road or Barden Stores.

Thank you


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